You are drawn to Me initially via the exquisiteness of My external form, eyes that pierce and a skin suit of slim frame and wicked curves that entice. I appear as a gothic siren upon first glance, but My depths are so much greater, running further down past even Hell. Just as Pain & Pleasure compliment each other, so too do each of My elements and the totality of My Sinful & Heavenly facets will mesmerize you in new forms you never imagined. Both cumulatively and individually, I reign over you as Vulgar Queen, Sovereign Goddess, Haunting Domina and ever expanding forms of My divine creaturehood.

Whether you yearn for the Visceral, Cerebral, or a combination of both, I can tap into every level of your desires and psyche, holding the power to bend you to My will and control you completely or unlock new discoveries of yourself.

Are you just a simple cuck?

Do you fantasize about being my little sissy bitch toy?

How about I drain your life force and wallet at the same time?

There are no shortage of ways for me to reign over you, or for you to bask in My Existence and Serve Me.

I keep it remedial for the brutes and basic bitches or elevate O/our exchange as you are capable of or not. I am Superior in every language and My sharp silver tongue can produce crass, spicy, or sophisticated with effortless ease & seamless flow. I will determine what you need, If you deserve (you don’t), and just how much you should be willing to give over to Me (everything) to get it. At all times I rule over you with a firm unforgiving hand.

You Can Never Have Me, but you can SUCCUMB 2 ME…